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Re-stretching a Canvas Art Painting

How to Re-stretch a Canvas Art Painting

Most paintings larger than 3 feet are shipped rolled-up. The reason they are shipped this way is two-fold: 1) It is the safest way to ship large paintings. Rolling them up makes them less susceptible to damage from the shippers. 2) It is the most economical way to ship large paintings. If a painting is over 4 feet, to ship stretched a wood crate has to be made to protect the painting. Because of the weight and size of the crate it needs to be shipped freight. The costs involved to do this exceed $800.

Shipping a painting rolled-up, simply involves removing two of the stretcher bars leaving two still stapled to the painting. The painting is then rolled up, and placed in a 5"x5"x (the longest size of the painting, i.e. 60") box. When you receive the painting, you simply unroll it face down. Take the loose stretcher bars and reinsert them into the still attached stretcher bars; it is a tongue and groove system which just slides together.

After the stretcher bars are attached take the canvas and pull it to where the creases on the canvas match the stretcher bars. Once these match, staple the canvas to the stretcher bar on the back. This will hide the staples once hung. To hang, place the top stretcher bar on two level nails. You can also place some Velcro on the lower corners to affix it to the wall.

It's that easy, enjoy your painting!

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