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Wall of Fame

California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Providence Caribbean, Rhode Island., South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

Here are just a few of the homes my art resides in!

I would be honored to have you be a part of the Wall of Fame Club!

Email me a photo of you with your Dan Byl painting and be put on our Wall of Fame!

Two of my biggest granddaughter's think I am the surfer in their painting!

Enjoy the Santa paintings!

Let me know what I can paint for your Christmas holidays!

"We love this painting! It hangs in our condo at the Palm Beach Polo Club. Thank you!"

What an honor to have customers reach out to me after all these years! "My wife and I (girlfriend at the time) bought the attached painting from you back in 1998ish when you had a small studio in Roswell. We have enjoyed it ever since, and often get compliments on it whenever new guests see it."

One of my first commissions I painted. Now its for sale for $300,000! Wow!

What a wonderful surprise it is when a client from 1999 tells me the paintings they bought back then, still hang in their home today!

1996 Customer recently wrote: We met on a sunny afternoon, while on my work lunch break. As I drove through downtown Roswell, I spotted your works displayed invitingly on the sidewalk in front of your store. I made a u-turn, visited with you a short while, perused the many wonderful canvases, and decided on the lily's in the pond -- not the name, and I don't know if you ever really named the painting -- but I fell in love with the hue of blue to purple and the added pops of yellow and reds. You were extraordinarily generous with the final sales price and I am eternally grateful. You even personally delivered the painting to my residence at no additional cost to me.The painting is proudly displayed in my foyer, and after 27 years, the painting still garners praise from each one who visits. Undoubtedly, I recount the story of how I came into ownership of this magnificent work -- painted by a retired dentist who passionately turned to painting. "We love this painting! It hangs in our condo at the Palm Beach Polo Club. Thank you!"

Richard B. Russell Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Atlanta