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Art for a thriving branding and design agency!

DezignHive is a thriving branding and design agency located in Dayton, Ohio. Woman-owned and operated since 2015, DezignHive was founded by Kim Swigart after working 17 years with top advertising agencies in the Cincinnati and Dayton region. Successes include 2016 Dayton Business Journal's 'Rookie Business of the Year' finalist, winning 2 AAF Dayton Hermes Awards in 2017, and moving into a new office space in 2017!

Kim was looking for unique decor for her new office, so she reached out to to create a piece of art that would stand out in her design agency.

Here's what Founder Kim Swigart had to say: " Nothing is more creative than a custom painting! What a treat! Art by Danny Byl created this 5’ beauty for our new office! Thank you for this amazing addition! Danny Byl creates amazing works of art out of Atlanta Georgia. You can order one online or order a custom idea! #talentedartist check him out! "

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