Danny Byl's art shines in the Entertainment World!

Michael Van Dyck knows the art and entertainment world well.

Dennis Mansfield knows the world of publishing and business coaching for billion dollar companies, equally as well.

Though the two worlds seem somewhat distant from each other, the two friends’ personal worlds are similar in three key respects – both love business, both love art and Van Dyck is ALSO Mansfield’s talent agent for film screenplays & television production projects.

Van Dyck has been a talent agent in Beverly Hills for over three decades, representing artists, television actors and film starts, in season and out. He’s been responsible for successfully pitching some of TV’s best known shows – and seeing them entertain people for years, as the characters become part of the viewers’ lives.

Mansfield is an accomplished author and business coach for firms with impact around the globe. He’s been featured on radio, television, print and online.

Mansfield and Van Dyck appreciate the art of Danny Byl.

“I was particularly drawn to the art that Danny Byl does because I’ve enjoyed his type of style for years. Some of my earliest appreciation for art pieces began with this remarkably vibrant style of painting. “Van Dyke said. “Byl’s work refreshes me”.

“’Beginning the New Year’ is simply beautiful. It represents every beach I’ve ever loved. As a southern Californian, it calls out to me – ‘Come, rest & enjoy the ocean’. In the business world, don’t we all need a place at which we can refresh ourselves? Mine is ‘by the ocean’”.

Mansfield and his bride of 40 years, Susan, own ‘Hotel France’, and are thrilled with how it accentuates the beauty of France in their lovely Idaho home; a home adjacent to a beautiful, raging nearby river. “We’re headed soon to Paris and Normandy to celebrate our wedding anniversary – and we so look forward to it. However, we’ve already been enjoying Paris every day, as we are repeatedly drawn into Dan Byl’s work that hangs on our front room wall in our residence. Each morning, we can almost taste the newly baked baguettes and smell the freshly brewed French coffee and hot chocolate…”

Artist Danny Byl responded, “I’m honored to have my work hanging in both Michael Van Dyke’s home and Dennis Mansfield’s residence. Michael created so many wonderful television shows for so many years that to have ‘Beginning the New Year’ gracing his world is to say “thank you“ to him for his talent, his creativity and his investment in many, many lives.” Dennis’s books have touched thousands of readers enriching people’s lives across the world, even into distant places represented by ‘Hotel France’. I’m thankful that, along with these friends and clients, I have seen my art do the same.”

Mansfield and Van Dyck are noticeable fans of Danny Byl.

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