Lavender Wishes

Sold - "Lavender Wishes"

JD Cigar

Sold - JD Cigar

The Wave

Sold - "The Wave"


Sold - "Shark"

Gotta Get Away

Sold - "Gotta Get Away"

No Bull

Sold - "No Bull"

Sax Man

Sold - Sax Man

Sold -

Sold -

Sold - Raggae God

Mermaid Colors





Sold - Ferrari Smoke

Sold - Ferrari Smoke


Tiger Pool

Sold - Tiger Pool

Augusta Flower

Sold - Augusta Flower

Sultry Silhouette


Beach Lover

Sold - Beach Lover

Hammock Sway

Sold - Hammock Sway

Horses on the Beach

Sold - Horses on the Beach


Sold - Stars

Amen Corner

Sold - Amen Corner


Sold - Whoosh

I'm Back

Sold - "I'm Back"

I want to be there!

Sold - "I want to be there"


Sold - "Boating!"

Sold! "Life"

Sold! "Life"

Sold "Build the wall"

Sold! "Build the Wall"

Sold - "Balboa"

Sold - "Balboa"

"Cheers to the New Year"

Sold - "Cheers to the New Year"

Into the Fall

Donated - Into the Fall

Under the Umbrellas

Sold - "Under the Umbrellas"

"Beach Shade"

Sold - "Beach Shade"

Golden Changes

Sold - "Golden Changes"


Sold - "Triumph"


Sold - "Wildside"

"Light My Fire"

Sold - "Light My Fire"

"President Kennedy"

Sold! "President Kennedy"

Donated - Mostly Mutts

Sold - "F60 America"


Sold - "Illusions"


Sold - "Nyquist"

"The Palms"

Sold - "The Palms"

Skyy girl

Sold - "Skyy Girl"


Sold - "Running Horses"

Maize Sail

Sold - "Maize Sail"

Cigars & Champagne

Sold - Cigars & Champagne

Dreams do come true

Sold - "Dreams do come true"

Blowing Smoke

Sold - "Blowing Smoke"

Smokin' Whiskey

Sold - "Smokin' Whiskey"

Smokin' Mermaid

Sold - "Smokin' Mermaid"

Cigar and Martini Service

Sold - Cigar and Martini Service

"What Will Be"

Sold - "What Will Be"

"Dollar Bill"

Sold - "Dollar Bill"

Mojo Risen

Sold - "Mojo Risen"

"My Blue Mermaid"

Sold - "My Blue Mermaid"

Life is a Beach

Sold - "Life is a Beach"


Sold - "Dina"

"Beach Charm"

Sold - "Beach Charm"

Men on the Moon

Sold - "Men on the Moon"


Sold - "Abe"


Sold - "Bluebonnet"

Blue Angels

Sold - "Blue Angels"

Freedom of the Seas

Sold - "Freedom of the Seas"


Sold - "Fun"

"Tiger Vision"

Sold - "Tiger Vision"


Sold - "Abstractacus"

Pizza A Pranzo

Sold - "Pizza A Pranzo"

"Derby Nyquist"

Sold - "Derby Nyquist"

The White House

"The White House" - Donated to The Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

"Cattle Drive"

Sold - "Cattle Drive"


Sold - "Encompassing"

"Land of the Free"

Sold - "Land of the Free"

Sail Day

Sold - "Sail Day"

"Trump - MAGA"

Sold - "Trump MAGA"

"Muhammad Ali"

Sold - "Muhammad Ali"

"A Fathers Landscape"

Sold - "A Fathers Landscape"

Depth of Desire

Sold - "Depth of Desire"


Sold - "Variations"

Georgia Theatre

Sold - "Georgia Theatre"

Statue of Liberty

Sold - "Statue of Liberty"

"USC Stadium"

Sold - "USC Stadium"

"US Capitol"

Sold - "US Capitol"

The Joy of Color

Sold - "The Joy of Color"

Beneath it All

Sold - "Beneath it All"

Sand Barge

Sold - "Sand Barge"

"Purple Rhino"

Sold - "Purple Rhino"


Sold - "Bluz"

"Whats Red Got To Do With it"

Sold - "Whats Red Got To Do With It"


Sold - "Liberty"

"Purple Dreams"

Sold - "Purple Dreams"


Sold - "Randomity"

Trump 2016

Donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation!

"Red Stripes"

Sold - "Red Stripes"


Sold - "Dingy"


Sold - "Thriller"

"The Meeting of the Minds"

Sold - "The Meeting of the Minds"

"Lets get this party started"

Sold - "Lets get this party started!"


Sold- "Vices"

"USA Presidents"

Sold - USA Presidents! MAGA

"I'll Be Dancing"

Sold- "I'll Be Dancing"

"Horse Splash"

Sold - "Horse Splash"

"My Bad"

Sold - "My Bad"


Sold - "Riverfront"

"Got to Dream"

Sold- "Got to Dream"

Beginning the New Year

Donated! - "Beginning the New Year"

Hotel France

Sold - "Hotel France"

"Pina Colada Hats"

Sold- "Pina Colada Hats"

"On the Wings of Love"

Sold- "On the Wings of Love"

"Eyes Have It"

Sold - "Eyes Have It"


Sold - "JFK"

"Beach with a View"

Sold - "Beach with a View"

"Beach Wine View"

Sold - "Beach Wine View"

"Who Cares"

Sold- "Who Cares"


Sold - "Persistence"

Surfing USA

Sold - "Surfing USA"

So Damn Beautiful

Sold - "So Damn Beautiful"

"I See Palm Trees"

Sold - "I See Palm Trees"

Things are looking up!

Sold - "Things are Looking Up"

"Cohiba Girl"

Sold - "Cohiba Girl"

Dream of Mermaid

Sold - "Dream of Mermaid"

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"On the Wings of Love"

Sold- "On the Wings of Love"