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com and webinar-based courses taught by scholars and professional development consultants. More than 12,000 teachers from over 130 countries around the world have already enrolled in AE E-Teacher courses and are using them to enhance their teaching. The AE E-Teacher Program is made possible through the generous support of alumni and friends of the program, including a gift from Stanley D. Morgan and David A. Morgan, the Meridien Global Foundation, the Global Networks Program, the David Rubenstein Foundation and The Society of Fellows. The AE E-Teacher Program is affiliated with The Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University’s Center for Humane Education. AE E-Teacher AE E-Teacher (the non-profit organization) supports and provides programs and support to the AE E-Teacher Program. The organization is supported by faculty and staff of the Center for Humane Education and George Mason University. How the AE E-Teacher Program Works The AE E-Teacher Program offers online courses and other training and educational opportunities for non-U.S. teachers. All AE E-Teacher courses are taught by faculty and scholars with the Center for Humane Education, most of whom hold graduate degrees in education and/or philosophy. The courses are free of charge. Courses on the AE E-Teacher Program are designed to appeal to a global audience. Students from a variety of countries have enrolled in AE E-Teacher courses and can be found participating in many of the courses on a global basis. According to a survey conducted in Spring 2016 by George Mason University, 97% of AE E-Teacher students who have completed the program are planning to use what they have learned to improve the education of their students. The majority of AE E-Teacher courses are offered on a full-time basis, with classes held either on the George Mason University campus or online. Some courses offer the opportunity to attend a field trip to a local school, in addition to online and webinar participation. Current AE E-Teacher offerings The AE E-Teacher Program offers approximately three courses per year. AE E-Teacher: Exploring Classical and Contemporary Education AE E-Teacher: History and Philosophy of Education AE E-Teacher: Elementary Education AE E-Teacher: Middle School Education AE E-Teacher: Philosophy of Education AE E




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HD Online Player (Agnee Full Movie 720p 23) [2022-Latest]

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